Music that Points Me to Jesus Even If It’s Not “Christian Music”

Good music points me to Jesus.  I mean really good music.  Not the auto-tuned, 1/8th beat crap that all sounds the same.  I’m talking about music that is well written, well melodied, and beautifully accompanied by a real instrument.  A timbered choir, if you can call it that.  A timbered choir always waters my affections for Jesus.

This type of music often reminds me of Isaiah’s description of God’s amazing creation.

“The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet.  They break forth into singing” (Isaiah 14:7).

Music doesn’t have to necessarily be “Christian music” for it to remind you of God’s great Creativity, character, and steadfast love.  He has, in his common grace, given everyone the ability to create.  And, man, do I ever love that about our God!

So, Christian, venture out into those unknown, murky, and “secular” musical waters from time-to-time.  Actually, do it daily.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some artists I’m digging right now:

The Vespers.


William Fitzsimmons.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

Brandi Carlile.

Trent Dabbs.

Ivan & Alyosha.



About Greg Gibson
Greg is a husband, dad, church planter, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Veritas City Church in Washington, DC. He resides in Georgetown with his wife, Grace, and two children.

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