Sundays are for Family Time (And 3 Other Lies)

Sundays are not for family time.  I hear people say this all of the time, like it’s an automated response to an unasked question.  It’s almost as if people have this preconceived thought that pastors are going to ask them where they were when they missed their worship gathering on Sunday.  No, Sundays are not for family time.  Sundays are not for getting together with family at restaurants, homes, or any other place.  They are not intended to gather for birthday parties, go hiking, or simply, just hangout with family.

What’s more, Sundays are not for relaxation.  They are not for sleeping in and resting.  They are not for catching up on the sleep you lost throughout the week, or the weekend, when not sleeping.  Though not as popular as the first excuse, I still have heard it before.  Sundays seem, to many, as a luxury.  A luxury that has allowed them the choice of getting up or not getting up.  A luxury that points to two words:  entitlement and uncommitted.

Sundays are also not for working.  Though I am the first to extend grace to those who must work for whatever the case may be, and I am certainly by no means a Sabbatarian, Sundays are not necessarily for working.

And Sundays are not for sports.  Sundays are not for focusing entirely on youth sports, traveling/competitive sports, professional football, or even the NBA All Star Game — though that last one is hard for me to say.  No, Sundays are not necessarily for any type of competition.

No, Sundays are for corporate worship.



About Greg Gibson
Greg is a husband, dad, church planter, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Veritas City Church in Washington, DC. He resides in Georgetown with his wife, Grace, and two children.

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